Following is my  wishlist .   Wish me luck!

 Danone is one of my big clients when I worked at the foreign big bank in Jakarta. To my knowledge, I was impressed in what Danone has done and has developed their business from the starting point to the growing up large company. Not only the business side, that I need to point up but the the work environment , the social contributor/responsibility that was built in this company.
The more I know the company, the more I deeply the culture and work ‘s environment in this company. I felt in love to be one of the staffs there. But, my last destiny was not up to there.
Still, there are so many wishes that my dream may be come true.
1.      One day my daughter who now is studying at Digital design in Melbourne, could contribute with this company. Contribute in joining and making the greater campaign of sales marketing.
2.      No matter the social and economic business had been balance in Danone, I wish there will be better communication among all of the workers, staffs, bosses.
3.      Path career that I wish could be beter in Danone, by having a better training programs, performance job reviewers and last but not least recognation to those had been great contributor to this company ie. Service excellence, job excellence.
4.      Achievement of brand, business target, reduction in carbon foot prints is valuable, but the wish that I may suggest, it had to be evaluated continously as business did not go as usual.
5.      Your employees is the best asset. I wish your encouragement from the top level to the lower one should be done forever.
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